Gymnastics Ambassadors play a critical role in sharing #PlumLove and growing our #PlumFamily.

Plum Practicewear selects gymnastics leotard ambassadors based on their enthusiasm and engagement with the Plum Practicewear community, and the influence of their voice through their social media channels. Writing, photography, and social media skills are important, but inspiration, involvement, and positivity are at the core of our program!


  • Maintain a social media following of 500 on Instagram.
  • Post at least 4 quality photos Reels of you wearing Plum Practicewear products every month. Visual context, quality of content, and portraying positivity are incredibly important ... this will increase the impact of your posts!
  • Consistently make use of Plum Practicewear’s popular social media hashtags: #PlumPracticewear, #PlumLove, #PlumLeos, #PlumGirl, #PlumAmbassador, #PlumPositivity, #PracticePerfect, #PlumPride
  • Feel free to be creative! Showcase the versatility of Plum Practicewear’s products by sharing photos and videos in a variety of settings, not just the gym.
  • Remain respectful, infectiously positive, and endorse Plum Practicewear in an appropriate way by sharing life experiences with your audience.
  • Must include links to Plum’s website and social media to create measurable results.
  • Your social media profiles must remain "Public" at all times.
  • Participation and effectiveness are measured and reviewed monthly.


  • Plum will provide you with all the essential tools and tips for promoting Plum Practicewear including a Plum Box containing free promotional apparel with each main collection launch, an exclusive discount code, and exclusive access to new collections.
  • You’ll be connected to Plum’s worldwide, multi-cultural community!
  • Plum will support your social media account growth and promote you as an influential gymnastics and fitness community leader.
  • Gain real-life marketing experience.