Plum Cares: Here Comes the Sun

2018 Promote Positivity Leotard Design Contest Winner Leo Released

Plum Practicewear announces the release of the 2018 Promote Positivity Leotard Design Contest winner which resulted in two, new, limited-edition leotards called “Here Comes The Sun” which are part of the Plum Cares Collection. The mission of the Plum Cares Collection is to give back to the gymnastics community through specialty products where a portion of the proceeds are allocated toward academic scholarships. This year’s winning design was applied to two leotard styles: Plum’s Flip Side and Asymmetrical Traditional styles.

Anna Yankee of Freeport, Maine, the winner of the 2018 Promote Positivity Leotard Design Contest, designed the “Here Comes The Sun” leotard with the intention of giving back to the gymnastics community through a powerful and positive message. The one-of-a-kind design was developed by the 15-year-old gymnast as her entry for Plum’s 2nd annual design contest that launched in October 2018. The objective of the contest was to allow Plum’s community to illustrate what “positivity” means to them and to translate their unique perspectives into a beautifully designed leotard. With a template provided, almost 200 young ladies from around the globe submitted designs.

“Anna submitted a beautiful and relatable design that is backed with a strong message,” stated Debra Rizzi, Vice President of Marketing for Plum Practicewear. “Choosing one winner was undeniably a difficult task, however the message behind the “Here Comes The Sun” design really spoke to our Plum family. Anna’s message symbolizes that even when times are tough and challenging, that there is always a bright and positive side waiting to shine through. This is very applicable to gymnastics and life in general.”

Positivity is a concept very near and dear to Plum’s core values as a company and this design brought it to life.

“For me, positivity means searching for, and valuing, the good things in every situation.” Anna says when asked what positivity means to her. “This leotard will remind you to stay positive and continue working hard, because better things, and brighter skies, are just around the corner!”

Anna, who is a member of Maine Academy of Gymnastics, likes to spread positivity to those around her by helping them see the good in themselves. She tells Plum, “I am very fortunate to be able to go to a great gym and to have teammates, coaches, and parents who motivate and support me every day, so I can be the best I can be.” Her appreciation for those around her allows her to reciprocate that positivity in return.

The Maine-native’s passions include gymnastics and art, which collaboratively were paired up when she discovered another love of hers … designing catalogues of leotards with her friends!

“I’ve always enjoyed coming up with new designs!” Anna explains, which obviously came naturally to her when it was time to submit her contest entries.  

This past year, the young gymnast had her goals set on qualifying for regionals and recognized that there were obstacles she needed to overcome. With a positive outlook and attitude, she was able to meet that goal. Her next journey will take her to France where she will be an exchange student and will be living with a host family.

Anna’s “Here Comes The Sun” design features billowing clouds set upon a vibrant, blue sky, each with abstract patterns and shapes that symbolize every individual’s unique story and obstacles. In the background, slivers of sunshine peek through the clouds, illustrating the light and positivity that can shine through even the darkest of times.

These limited-edition leotards are offered online at for the price of $42.99 where $5.00 of each purchase is being contributed to the Plum Cares Academic Scholarship Fund which supports graduating high school seniors.