Raising Dollars for Dreams. Our Plumraiser Program is a FREE, easy, and profitable way to raise funds for your gym or team.

It's easy as ... 1, 2, 3.

  1. Encourage your friends, gymnasts and parents to shop for Plum products online!
  2. We track the orders using a custom order code that is entered at checkout.
  3. Your gym receives $5 for every full-priced product that is purchased.


Plumraisers are offered 4 times per year and coincide with each of Plum Practicewear's main line launches.

  • Spring: March
  • Summer: May
  • Fall: August
  • Winter: November


  • A gym may register for all Plumraisers at any time up to one week prior to launch date.
  • Your custom Plumraiser code will be provided upon registration for your supporters to use at checkout.

Timeline and Details

  • Purchase Period: 2 weeks
  • Return Period: 30 days
  • Reconciliation of Orders: 2 weeks
  • Check Provided to Gym: 2 weeks

Sign Up

If you are interested in holding a Plumraiser, please email the below to plumraisers@plumpracticewear.com.

  • Name of gym:
  • Contact person:
  • Contact email, phone, and address:
  • Which season(s) are you registering for:

Please Note: Sale, Plum Cares, Outlet, and Accessory products are excluded from the Plumraiser program.