Colorful, Comfortable, Affordable.

As a leader in lifestyle athletic wear, Plum’s focus is to outfit every athlete from their home to the gym in limited-edition apparel that is designed to deliver comfort during every level of training. Founded within the gymnastics industry, our commitment to our customers is appreciation, availability and ready-to-ship signature collections worldwide. Each customer is embraced by the #PlumFamily and our culture emphasizes positivity, empowerment, philanthropy, and community.


Founded in New Jersey in 2009, the heartbeat of Plum’s brand is fed by being part of the journey in the gym, experiencing the day-to-day training, as a gymnast practices towards perfection. Plum believes that every gymnast is a champion from day one. While the world ogles in amazement over the finished end-product of an Elite gymnast, Plum Practicewear understands the commitment, dedication, fearlessness, and roller coaster of events that comes with growing in this amazing sport.

From the first pointed toe, to each plié in dance class, to grips and rips, the chills from a new skill, and chalk-covered gear, we want to be there with you. As a result, EVERY decision that we make has the athlete in mind - from minimizing seams, to soft breathable fabrics, to individually wrapping each garment to preserve the hygienic quality throughout the shipping process - comfort and quality is key. 
Plum is committed to producing a quality, affordable garment. We produce many of our products, including our custom-designed leotards and teamwear, here in the United States. Our fabric is sourced and imported from overseas manufacturers, which is then printed, cut, sewn, finished, and distributed from our facilities on the East Coast.

Due to the demand for new styles, product expansion, and cost reduction, Plum is supplementing some of its manufacturing with overseas labor. Our resources are diligently vetted to meet Plum’s quality and social responsibility standards, while also supporting the needs of each #PlumGirl from a style, comfort, and financial standpoint!

Our production process is fast and nimble, so we encourage teams to contact us for custom-designed practice and competitive apparel for their teams for training, meets, exhibitions, camps, fundraisers, or as gifts to commemorate a special moment.

Thank you for selecting Plum Practicewear to join you on your journey,
Go ahead – Practice PerfectTM!