Plum Practicewear, in Partnership with JOGA, Offers $1,500 Gymnastics Scholarship


Through this Exclusive Partnership, Plum Practicewear Continues its Commitment to Empowering Positivity and Giving Back.

UNION, N.J. (March 31, 2017) – Coming off the heels of Plum Practicewear’s engagement campaign, “Empower Positivity,” the online retailer of affordable, limited-edition gymnastics apparel announces today an exclusive partnership with Jersey Optional Gymnastics Association (JOGA).

As an official sponsor of JOGA, Plum Practicewear will be continuing to live up to its promise to embrace each gymnast, develop a personal connection, and promote each gymnast on her journey. Part of the Plum Practicewear commitment is a $1,500 cash donation to the JOGA annual scholarship.

Every year, the JOGA League awards two $500 scholarships to qualified, graduating seniors. With the addition of the Plum donation, a third scholarship will now be available.

“Plum Practicewear is honored and proud to team up with JOGA along with its league of independent gymnastics clubs and their 1,100-plus gymnasts from across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, who are devoted to the sport,” said Plum Practicewear Partner and Director of Marketing Debra Rizzi. “This is the first time ever that Plum is partnering with an organization to award an academic and athletic scholarship to a deserving gymnast. Giving back is part of the DNA of Plum’s brand. Through this exciting partnership, we are given yet another fantastic opportunity to celebrate our commitment to the sport that we are deeply involved in, and love.”

Plum was founded to provide colorful, comfortable, and affordable leotards for the everyday gymnast. As part of the JOGA partnership, Plum will have the ability to continue to spread its #PracticePerfect message through communications with the JOGA community. JOGA gyms and gymnasts will receive exclusive offers and announcements from the brand throughout the year. Additionally, one custom-designed, limited edition leotard will be designed and sold on-line later this year.

“Plum Practicewear shares the same core values and love of the sport as the JOGA community and that’s why we are thrilled to welcome them to the JOGA family,” said JOGA President Matthew Shriver. “Plum will play an integral role in not only connecting with our gymnasts, but also in encouraging them and supporting them to be their personal best – both inside and outside of the gym.”

This is not the first charitable partnership for the Plum brand. Plum has ongoing, give-back initiatives including Plum Cares, which provides significant donations for those in need, and Plumraisers, which provide funding to local gymnastics programs across the country. In 2016, Plum donated close to $50,000 to organizations such as Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and St. Jude’s.

For more information about the JOGA League and scholarship, visit

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Plum Practicewear Empowers Gymnasts With #PlumPositivity

UNION, N.J. (February 27, 2017) - Last week, Plum Practicewear ( an online retailer of gymnastics apparel, announced their new engagement campaign, “Empower Positivity,” which is driven by the hashtag #PlumPositivity.

“The intent of the ‘Empower Positivity’ campaign is to grow our industry as a whole and promote the overwhelmingly positive nature of gymnastics in the United States,” stated Plum Practicewear Partner and Director of Marketing Debra Rizzi. Regrettably, that fundamental message failed to come through and a very important part of our Plum Family, our models, felt the impact of that failure. We are deeply and sincerely remorseful about that. Corrections are common in gymnastics and in life, and this includes Plum. This campaign is about empowering gymnasts to share the positive aspects of their lives, inside and outside of the gym, and aid in growing an industry that we love.”

For consumers introduced to Plum Practicewear for the first time, the brand appears to be a straightforward gymnastics apparel company. “So why would Plum launch a positivity campaign? Giving back is part of the DNA of Plum’s brand. Any child, parent, or coach that affords us an opportunity is embraced as family, treated like family ... the Plum Family,” stated Rizzi. “Plum has ongoing, give-back initiatives including Plum Cares, which provides significant donations for those in need, and Plumraisers, which provide funding to local gymnastics programs across the country. Similar to those campaigns, #PlumPositivity will be another give-back campaign focusing on the gymnastics industry as a whole.”

Since Plum Practicewear’s motto is #PracticePerfect, the brand is practicing “what it preaches” and improving on its own performance to empower positivity.

So, what does #PlumPositivity mean?

Rizzi explained, “Gymnastics delivers so many positive features including respect, discipline, physical and mental strength, dedication, and teamwork. The #PlumPositivity campaign celebrates gymnasts as individuals and simultaneously seeks to showcase the benefits of gymnastics as a whole. Plum’s goal is, and will always be, to inspire the next generation of gymnasts.”

One key component of the campaign is to encourage gymnasts to video and share their positive experiences, upload them to social media, and tag them with #PlumPositivity.

“It doesn’t matter what level, team, or organization a gymnast competes for - they are all part of an international family that share a love for gymnastics. Each gymnast is an ambassador for the sport and their stories are inspirational. The videos will provide an opportunity for gymnasts to lead by example, showcase their accomplishments, and allow their voices to inspire others,” adds Rizzi.

To kick off the campaign, Plum will be posting “I love gymnastics” artwork on its social media outlets that is unbranded and is asking anyone who supports the sport to “like,” repost, and share with their online community. Rizzi stated, “Of course the heart within the artwork is purple, which is Plum’s signature color. More importantly, though, it is the color of individuality, compassion, and dignity. These values are the pillars of the #PlumPositivity campaign.”

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Plum Practicewear Dedicates “The Patriot” to Longtime Model and Olympic Champion, Laurie Hernandez

WATCHUNG, NJ (August 25, 2016) – Plum Practicewear announces the launch of a limited-edition leotard, “The Patriot,” to commemorate the success of their longtime model, and recent Olympic gold and silver medalist, Laurie Hernandez. The Plum-Hernandez relationship turned five this year, and the gymnast has not only worn the product for everyday practices, but has aided in fitting, pattern-selection, and personifying each of Plum’s leotards through props and personality during quarterly photo shoots. There is much more there though, it’s #PlumLove.

“Plum was founded to provide colorful, comfortable, and affordable leotards for the everyday gymnast. Our culture is unique. It’s not just about the sale, it’s about embracing each gymnast, developing a personal connection with the gymnast and their parents, and promoting them on their journey. It’s #PlumLove,” stated Gennaro Palladino, managing partner of Plum Practicewear. The emotional journey with Laurie, her parents, Wanda and Anthony Hernandez, and her coach, Maggie Haney, over the past five years has been magical. Plum has experienced a little girl turn into a young lady, transform into a champion, and furthermore, a national role model. The word “patriot” stands for someone who vigorously supports his or her country. This leotard emulates the passion, sparkle, and #PlumLove that Laurie has brought to Plum’s world; and we are proud to dedicate it to her achievements as she continues to win over the hearts of Americans nationwide.”

The Patriot leotard redefines Plum Practicewear’s current “Flipside-style,” which is known for being plain on the front “with the party on the back” (meaning: the fabric is typically bright, bold and a bit crazy!). The front of The Patriot was inspired by Laurie’s endless, positive energy as it shimmers with over 1,300 red, white, and blue crystals that burst to form the Plum “P” in the negative space. The back of the leotard speaks to her quest as an American gymnast and features a painterly red, white, and blue fabric that intertwines as if she is tumbling with her teammates. In true Plum style, the leo is colorful and comfortable. Only 300 pieces are being offered at for $64.99.

With Hernandez's recent announcement of going pro on August 3, 2016, Plum has engaged in conversations with agent, Sheryl Shade, of Shade Global Inc.

“Plum Practicewear’s goal is to keep Laurie onboard with Plum. National sponsors will have the first opportunity to submit proposals and Plum is vying for a seat at the table. Laurie will always be part of the #PlumFamily whether she is modeling for Plum or not,” stated Brant Lutska, partner of Plum Practicewear. “Our current focus is to celebrate Laurie and thank her for allowing Plum to be with her on her journey.”

Along with The Patriot, Plum is adding two additional styles of leotards, shorts and leggings that Laurie models including #PlumEdgy and #PlumRastaGirl. All of Plum’s limited-edition practicewear is available for national and international purchasing and delivery online @

Plum Practicewear Announces Cultural + Educational “CityVibe” Series

WATCHUNG, NJ (July 7, 2015) – Plum Practicewear adds the “CityVibe” Series, to its collection of limited-edition practice leotards that are colorful, comfortable, and affordable. Different from other collections, this line was conceptualized to educate gymnasts about other cultures and act as a catalyst to bring gymnasts together globally as they prepare for the 2016 Rio Games. The kickoff line embraces three major cities: New York, Paris, and London and are named “Big Apple”, “Mademoiselle”, and “Tea Time”. Each leotard features a step and repeat pattern of icons that represent that city and its culture. Additionally, Plum has posted a FREE digital publication on their web site that allows gymnasts to learn “fun-facts” about each city including demographic information, historical places to visit, and relevant gymnastics statistics. 

“Gymnastics is a full time job for most athletes and families  - traveling is typically something that may not fit within the “mix.” Plum was founded to represent the everyday gymnast, so we wanted to bring desired destinations into the gym, bring cultures together, and use this line as an educational platform,” stated Nicole Midura, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “We are fortunate to have very short lead times in our production process and therefore will engage our gymnasts through Instagram @plumpracticewear to get their input on what cities they want to see next in the series.”

Keith Rizzi, Creative Director from Rizco in Manasquan, NJ, stated, “The design team was exceptionally inspired since we knew that a custom pattern would be well received, and would emulate each culture appropriately. We are also very fortunate to have nationally + internationally decorated gymnasts in New Jersey that donate their time to model for the Plum brand.”

All three limited-edition leotards are available online to be shipped internationally at the price point of $32.99 USD. Visit to shop and download the “CityVibe Series” publication.

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Plum Practicewear Leotards

… What started out as a small leotard company in New Jerseyhas turned into one of the hottest leotard companies for gymnasts all around the country. Made popular in the gymnastics world with the help of the elite trio at MG Elite, Plum leos are known for being super cute, comfortable, and affordable …

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Plum Featured on Triple Whip Gymnast Blog

Plum Practicewear......... a leotard brand that has come up and become one of the best. Because of the fact that I actually have a Plum leo, and LOVE IT, I decided to do the first interview of my blog, with them. Plum Practice Wear makes comfortable, cute, tank leotards that make gymnastics practices fun! I have one of my own, the Zany Zebra leotard, and it is TOTALLY my style, and I didn't even have to beg my mom to get me it, because it was so cheap! Finally, it was great not to have an hour long discussion with my mom telling her WHY I need that leotard.


January 28, 2015 by John Mystchenko

Plum Featured on Triple Twist Gym Blog

Plum Practicewear is taking the gymnastics world by storm! What started out as a small leotard company in New Jersey has turned into one of the hottest leotard companies for gymnasts all around the country. Made popular in the gymnastics world with the help of the elite trio at MG Elite, Plum leos are known for being super cute, comfortable, and affordable! What more could a gymnast ask for? Nicole Midura, the Vice President of sales and marketing at Plum Practicewear, gave us the inside scoop on how Plum leos are created and the upcoming line.


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Plum Practicewear Announces Festive Winter Collection

Committed to the comfort and ingenuity of every gymnast, and to producing fun and durable garments, Plum Practicewear is excited to announce the launch of its new Winter 2015 line. Once again, the marketing team has secured the help of amateur, aspiring NJ gymnasts to model for the brand.

“We have been very fortunate to have the support of the local gymnastics community and the ability to tap into the amazing, local NJ talent for our models. We were honored to once again have the “training trio” from MG Elite in Morganville: Laurie Hernandez, Jazmyn Foberg and Ari Agrapides model the new 2015 Winter Line at our photo shoot, along with Olivia Dunne from Eastern National Academy of Gymnastics (ENA) in Paramus, and Emily Clayton and Brianne Dombrowski from Devlin Gymnastics in Wall. The international growth of Plum Practicewear is very exciting and we thrive on getting photos and feedback from our gymnasts. We get inspiration through them,” added Midura.

Plum Practicewear has made a substantial impact on the gymnastic community since its rebranding in August 2014. Plum Practicewear’s Fall 2014 Line and “Chalk It Up” ad was featured in the Fall 2014 issue of USA Gymnastics Magazine, and social media marketing efforts have inspired sales that span from the United States to Australia, to Israel and Holland, to the United Arab Emirates.

Following suit with Plum’s Fall 2014 line, Plum’s Winter 2015 leos are infused with exciting patterns and are 100% produced in the United States. In the new line for winter, gymnasts can choose from 15 funky patterns and colors some of which touch upon current trends that include camouflage, 70’s inspiration, holiday glitter, and faux snakeskin patterns with “leather-like” trim. Plum is making its mark by personifying its products and utilizing props to make the leo come to life. For example, a live boa constrictor was used to promo the snakeskin line.

Also new for the winter line is the re-introduction of an extra small in child sizes, and a refined cut that eliminates bunching in the lower back area and adds more comfort in the groin area has been added. “Gymnasts can spend up to 18 hours in the gym everyday, so creating a comfortable and fashionable leo is of the utmost importance to our design team during the manufacturing process. Every Plum Leo is created from the ground up with the gymnast in mind, and offers an amazing 4-way spandex material that stretches for added flexibility,” said Nicole Midura, Plum Practicewear Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

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The Lyrical Shoe

Training to Turn: The Lyrical Shoe Spins Into Success

Turns on floor have always been a requirement, yet provide challenges as the floor exercise carpeting creates resistance. At the Elite level, gymnasts are taking advantage of turning to meet difficulty and bonus requirements - a triple turn earns a “C” value, a double turn on toe in 180 degree split earns a “D” and  quadruple turn is an easy “E” if performed to the complete degree. While gymnasts are usually offered the choice of wearing a shoe or going barefoot, most opt to go with the latter due to a lack of comfort and concerns about slipping. We have seen the variations - the Chinese wear socks, Romanian Olympic Medalists Nadia Comaneci and Cătălina Ponor wear that standard cris cross beam shoe, while Americans typically are seen bare footed vs. the full coverage beam slipper that was present in the 1980’s. 

The new trend for turning success is the lyrical shoe which covers the toe and is open in the back. Described as soft, mobile, and “like a second skin,” the shoe is fashioned to allow a gymnasts’ foot ample room to spread out and provide a seamless feel. A suede sole delivers comfort and a soft elastic binding keeps the shoe in place without pinching the foot, while secondary elastic attached to the arch allows for individual foot customization. The most advanced lyrical shoes can be purchased through Capezio, which embraces classic design and the latest technology. If you want to see these shoes in action, visit YouTube and search American floor routines by 2012 Summer Olympic team alternate Sarah Finnegan...

With Worlds coming up this weekend, keep your eyes open for other gymnasts that are spinning into success!

Image: Sarah Finnegan, 2012 Olympic Trials

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Plum Practicewear Launches Exciting New Brand and 2014 Fall Line

Commitment, strength, dedication, fearlessness, power, and pure passion. Every gymnast is a champion from day one. Since 2011, Plum Practicewear has proudly played a key role in these amazing athletes lives as they journey to perfection in this remarkable sport. The heart and soul of Plum Practicewear continuously keeps the gymnast in mind, aiming to infuse fun and durability into each garment, so every gymnast hits the gym with confidence. Dedicated to producing affordable and trendy garments, Plum Practicewear today announced the exciting launch of their new brand, web site (, and 2014 Fall Line.

Plum’s funky, limited-edition leotards are 100% produced in the United States, with the entire production process occurring on the East Coast. Plum’s niche in producing limited-edition runs ensures that there is ready-to-ship inventory on a quarterly basis for gymnasts and pro shops. Since only a small number of each style of leotard is made, effortless originality at the gym is easy. In the new line for fall, gymnasts can select from trendy patterns that include mustaches, candy skulls and bandana patterns and more that allow them to showcase their personality. 

“Plum has always infused "fun" into its products, and we have been fortunate and grateful to develop a following. Our rebrand positions us for growth, without losing our personality. Not to mention that our new tagline "Chalk It Up" says it all - every bit of a gymnast's workout includes chalk and our garments are built for comfort and durability. We want to be with our gymnasts on a daily basis,” said Nicole Midura, Plum Practicewear Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

With junior elite gymnasts in their backyard, Plum Practicewear was honored to have the “training trio” from MG Elite: Laurie Hernandez, Jazmyn Foberg and Ari Agrapides model the new brand and 2014 Fall Line and “Chalk it Up” photo shoot. Agrapides and Foberg will be competing this weekend at the P&G Championships in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and proudly showcased Plum’s new leo “Fusion” on Day 1 of podium training for the competition. This coppery, slick-textured leo was hand-picked by their coaches, Maggie Haney and Victoria Levine, who understand the importance of a first-impression during practice on the national scene. “We can’t thank the MG Elite enough for their support during this launch, and look forward to many other gymnasts having access to the new Fall line,” added Midura.

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