Plum in Partnership with JOGA: Announcing Bethany Tam as the 2023 Scholarship Recipient

In partnership with Jersey Optional Gymnastics Association (JOGA), Plum proudly announces Bethany Tam of Arena Gymnastics as the recipient of this year’s $1,000 scholarship! 

Tam, a recent Princeton High School graduate, shared with us that she learned of the scholarship when her teammate applied last year. She shared, “My inspiration to apply for this scholarship was the ability to earn some money towards my tuition, as I know that college is costly. I also wanted to write an essay because I knew that writing one regarding my experience with gymnastics would be different than writing an essay for an English class. It felt more like a reflection of how this sport had impacted my life and, as a result, was much easier and more fun to write.” 

Tam will attend Northeastern University in the fall and plans to study psychology. As if starting this new journey at Northeastern isn’t exciting enough, Bethany will start her first Freshman semester in Greece!

Plum is an official sponsor of JOGA and has committed to donating to the JOGA annual academic scholarship fund for the past five years.

"Plum Practicewear is incredibly proud to join forces with JOGA in supporting student-athletes like Bethany. Their unwavering dedication to the sport of gymnastics has shaped them into remarkable individuals who are now poised to embrace the next chapter of their lives, “stated Gennaro Palladino, CEO of Plum Practicewear. “Bethany's commitment and hard work are truly inspiring, and we are thrilled to celebrate her achievements. We extend our warmest wishes to Bethany as she embarks on her journey at Northeastern University and beyond. May she continue to shine brightly wherever life takes her."

JOGA and Plum share a common vision of fostering positivity and empowering young gymnasts to cultivate confidence both inside and outside the gym. Through our partnership, Plum can further amplify its Practice Perfect message and extend exclusive year-round benefits to JOGA members. We believe in providing exceptional opportunities and support to these talented athletes as they embark on their gymnastics journeys.

For more information about the JOGA League and scholarship, please visit