NJ Gymnastics Gyms and Plum Practicewear Unite to Launch #NJGymnasticsStrong PSA to Promote Reopening-readiness

Gymnastics Community is CDC-Compliant and Ready to Open

KENILWORTH, NJ - July 1, 2020 - While forward rolls, cartwheels, and flips have all been halted in New Jersey since March, gymnastics owners across NJ have been uniting to upgrade their facilities and implement new safety requirements to celebrate the reactivation of the sport. Gymnastics gyms across the state and activewear company, Plum Practicewear, have released a PSA, #NJGymnasticsStrong, to promote positivity, celebrate a sport that delivers confidence, strength, goal-setting, teamwork, and lifetime friendships, and reinstate programs that have yielded state, national, international, collegiate, and Olympic champions.

“New Jersey gymnastics is one of the top 5 states in the country. Kids need to continue their athletic development in gymnastics. Studies show that kids who begin in gymnastics excel greater in sports that they do later in life, and refine their small and large motor skills. The facilities in New Jersey are safe, are encouraged to follow all CDC guidelines and correct teaching methods, and inspire fun for its gymnasts.” commented USA Gymnastics State Administrative Committee Chairman, Brant Lutska.

The public service announcement features images and video clips from gyms across the state, reinforces the safety measures and facility upgrades that have been put into place over the past four months, and the collective commitment between club owners, gymnasts, judges, and coaches to be stronger, safer, and better than they were before.

“As a group of gymnastics facility owners and directors, we have worked tirelessly to prepare our facilities to maintain all recommendations put forth by the CDC and other agencies. We are ready to provide the youth in our communities a safe environment to return to the sport they love!” commented Jason Bauer, Director of Head Over Heels Gymnastics.

Patty Strickland, USAG-NJ Competition Director, added, “Gymnastics is the fabric of many communities and we are looking forward to reuniting our families!”

Plum Practicewear, an international leotard company with headquarters in New Jersey, was quick to sponsor the creative support for the public service announcement. Debra Rizzi, Vice President of Marketing, stated, “Our roots have always been in New Jersey and supporting our gymnasts on their journey has always come first. We are excited to experience the reopening of NJ gymnastics facilities and support the growth of the sport.”

Show your support and repost the public service announcement #NJGymnasticsStrong.