Plum Practicewear in Partnership with JOGA, Award Gymnast, Jenna McCarthy, a $1,000 Scholarship

Plum Practicewear Continues its Commitment to Empowering Positivity, Giving Back, and Celebrating Character.

Plum Practicewear, in partnership with Jersey Optional Gymnastics Association (JOGA), is proud to announce Jenna McCarthy of Aerials Gymnastics as the proud winner of the 2020 Gymnastics Scholarship.

Jenna McCarthy

As a Shore Regional High School graduate, Jenna is recognized not only for her love of the sport but also for her character and leadership inside and outside the gym. She was the President of the National Honor Society, Captain of her high school and club gymnastics teams, a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a participant of the Interact Rotary Club, and achieved an academic ranking in the top 5% of her class. She practices gymnastics at Aerials Gymnastics School in Eatontown, New Jersey, and acts as a "coach in training" by assisting experienced coaches with the classes, team, and assisting at competitions weekly. As a graduating high school senior, she plans to continue her education at the University of Georgia, where she will be studying biology with the end-goal of becoming a medical malpractice lawyer.

Jennifer Grob, Aerials JOGA Coach, stated, "Your character is more important than how good you are at any sport. Athleticism is only temporary, but your character and the type of person you are lasts forever. Jenna McCarthy is one of my biggest accomplishments. I will miss everything about her ... "proud" is an understatement when speaking about her accomplishments!"

When asked about a defining moment in her gymnastics career, Jenna reflects on a lesson in sportsmanship that she learned from her late father, "Gymnastics bases the success of the team on the success of an individual, a detail that causes stress and an increased sense of pressure on each member. Sportsmanship is key, and each meet is not about me as an individual but, more importantly, it is about delivering where my team needs me most. I attempt to act upon this lesson each day." 

As an official sponsor of JOGA, Plum Practicewear has continued to live up to its promise to embrace each gymnast, develop a personal connection, and support each athlete on her journey. Part of the Plum Practicewear commitment is a $1,000 donation to the JOGA annual academic scholarship fund. 

"Plum Practicewear is honored and proud to team up with JOGA along with its league of independent gymnastics clubs and their 1,000-plus gymnasts from across New Jersey who are devoted to the sport," said Plum Practicewear Partner and Vice President of Marketing Debra Rizzi. "Through this exciting partnership, we are given another opportunity to celebrate talented student-athletes, like Jenna McCarthy, who rise to the top, inspire others, and leave their mark."

Plum was founded to provide colorful, comfortable, and affordable leotards for the everyday gymnast. As part of the JOGA partnership, Plum can continue to spread its #PracticePerfect message through communications with the JOGA community. JOGA gyms and gymnasts will receive exclusive offers and announcements from the brand throughout the year. 

"JOGA is incredibly happy that Plum has chosen to sponsor our senior athletes. Our league is made up of clubs and coaches who always put the athletes' best interests at heart. Having this opportunity from Plum has given our JOGA community the best opportunity for our clubs, coaches, and athletes, making JOGA a league of their own!" said JOGA State Director Rebecca Onuska. 

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