Plum Cares Spirit Collection: A Fusion of Comfort, Style, and Social Responsibility

In the world of gymnastics, where every flip and leap is a testament to years of dedication, the gymnast's attire is not just for show – it's a critical part of their performance. Enter Plum's Spirit Collection, a series of leotards designed with the athlete's form and function in mind. This collection is more than an array of vibrant designs; it celebrates the athlete's journey from practice to podium.

John Mytschenko, Plum's VP of Product Development, speaks to the ethos of the collection, "Our Spirit Collection is the embodiment of what we strive to achieve at Plum – creating athletic wear that moves with the gymnast's every motion, supports their toughest routines, and resonates with their personal style. It's designed for comfort and movement, ensuring an ideal fit that champions their agility and grace, no matter the level of competition." 

The Plum Cares Spirit Collection was crafted for the gymnast who seeks to make her mark on her home mat or the world stage. It's for the athletes and the dreamers, the beginners and the hopefuls, who reach for their goals with passion and poise. With this collection, Plum reaffirms its commitment to nurturing the next generation of gymnastics talent, offering them the perfect partner in their journey of athletic expression. The collection features:

  • The Betsy: A Salute to Stars and Stripes
    The Betsy leotard is for the gymnast who wants to wear her pride as she conquers the mats in a bold color palette that blends patriotic fervor and top-tier athleticism. It's a piece that doesn't just stand out aesthetically but also stands up to the rigorous demands of the sport.
  • Summer in Paris: Elegance in Motion
    The Summer in Paris leotard brings a touch of French elegance to the collection. Its gradient of blues to pinks on a stark black backdrop, trimmed in white, captures the essence of Parisian chic with a modern twist.
  • Unity: A Global Mosaic
    Unity is the collection's homage to the worldwide gymnastics community. The vibrant hues against a pure white base symbolize the coming together of different cultures and the solidarity of athletes worldwide. This leotard speaks to the heart of what it means to be part of a global sport that celebrates diversity and unity.

The Spirit Collection also advances Plum's social mission, with each purchase contributing to Plum Cares, the philanthropic initiative aimed at making a positive impact through community outreach. Launched in 2016, the program began as a product line supporting a single organization and has grown into a broader endeavor encompassing various community support and social responsibility projects. A portion of the proceeds from specific products in Plum's collections is allocated to Plum Cares, which supports various charitable activities.

Tara McCabe, head of the Plum Cares initiative, highlights its broad educational focus, enriching the influence of the Spirit Collection. The Plum Cares Academic Scholarship (PCAS) supports gymnasts whose intense training schedules may prevent participation in other extracurricular activities, limiting their access to traditional scholarships. This initiative offers a valuable alternative, accommodating athletes who opt for non-university paths. PCAS allows them to pursue educational goals in a variety of post-secondary environments, from universities to vocational schools. McCabe explains, 'Our scholarship enables gymnasts to choose the educational setting that best fits their aspirations, recognizing that excellence can manifest in many forms. By supporting their academic pursuits, we honor each athlete's unique path and affirm their potential beyond gymnastics.'

The Spirit Collection from Plum epitomizes the dedication gymnasts put into every routine. With designs like The Betsy, Summer in Paris, and Unity, these leotards combine practicality and style while contributing to the greater good through the Plum Cares initiative. As gymnasts incorporate Plum apparel into their gear, they embrace excellence and a spirit of giving. It's a straightforward approach: wear Plum, support gymnastics, and give back to the community.