Plum Collaborates with Olympic Gold Medalist Carly Patterson

The signature Carly Patterson Collection combines high performance and style, offering athletes a gold-medal standard in gymnastics wear.

KENILWORTH, NJ, 07033, April 4, 2024 / -- Plum, a driving force in the gymnastics community, is excited to announce a landmark partnership with Olympic Gold Medalist Carly Patterson. This alliance brings forth the Carly Patterson Collection, a distinctive range of leotards tailored for gymnasts. Inspired by Patterson's remarkable journey, distinguished achievements, and unique style, this collection captures the essence of true champions. Its release is strategically timed to align with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Carly's Olympic Gold Medal victory this summer, honoring her enduring legacy in the world of gymnastics.

Carly Patterson Collection by Plum showcases designs that resonate with Carly's elegance, determination, and iconic moments from her celebrated gymnastics career. Each item is meticulously designed with the gymnast in mind, focusing on comfort, durability, and agility, enabling athletes to excel and shine in their performances.

Style Meets Functionality

Carly Patterson played an integral role in creating this collection, contributing to everything from design to production. The outcome is a line that aligns with the sport's technical requirements and encapsulates Carly's unique style and her influential legacy in gymnastics.

Inspiring Future Champions

The collaboration goes beyond the collection, aiming to motivate and uplift upcoming gymnasts. Carly Patterson's narrative of determination, success, and passion is embedded in this collection, offering young athletes a sense of connection to her story and the broader gymnastics community.

She expressed her excitement about the collaboration; Carly Patterson said, "I am eager for gymnasts to draw inspiration from my collection with Plum, to ignite their inner spark, aim for excellence, and chase their dreams with conviction."

Gennaro Palladino, CEO of Plum, shared his enthusiasm, stating, "Working with Carly Patterson, a venerable icon in gymnastics, has been a privilege and reaffirms our dedication to quality. Carly's insights have been invaluable in creating an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and truly inspiring collection. This partnership reflects our commitment to athlete support, innovation, and the gymnastics apparel industry's evolution."

About Plum

Founded in 2008 in New Jersey, Plum is a leader in designing and producing innovative gymnastics attire catering to athletes across all levels. Known for its colorful, comfortable, and affordable garments, Plum prioritizes customer satisfaction, variety, and ready-to-ship signature collections. Celebrated for their dynamic designs, outstanding comfort, and enduring quality, Plum is committed to aiding gymnasts on their journey toward greatness.

About Carly Patterson

Carly Patterson won the hearts of many globally when she secured the All-Around Gold Medal in gymnastics at the 2004 Olympic Games. Her commitment, passion, and fearlessness have established her as a legend in the sport, and she continues to influence and guide young gymnasts.

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Join us in celebrating the debut of this extraordinary collection, in which each piece tells a tale of victory, perseverance, and gymnastics artistry.