Top Five Tips For Selecting the Perfect Gymnastics Leotard for Your Child

There are a lot of options when it comes to selecting a gymnastics leotard, and if your gymnast is just starting out, then determining what to look for in a reliable garment can be tough. With an overwhelming number of options, including style, material, pattern, quality, and brand, picking out the perfect leo is no easy task. But don’t worry, Plum is here to help! Today, we’re breaking down our top five tips for selecting the perfect gymnastics leotard for your child. 

1. Comfort

The key to finding your child’s new favorite leo is comfort. You’ll want to look for a leotard that is lightweight, stretchy, breathable, and most of all #comfy! Nylon/spandex and polyester/spandex blends offer a forgiving stretch for all the flips and twists your child might be doing. Racerbacks and mesh cutouts offer a nice, breathable feel especially in the warmer months. However, be sure to stay away from fabrics that might feel itchy or scratchy. The last thing your child should worry about is feeling uncomfortable in the material they practice and compete in; that's why comfort is always key!

2. Quality

When investing in a new leo, you’ll want to do a little quality control, namely checking for stretch and fabric longevity. 

  1. The stretch test: Your gymnast’s new leo should fit snugly to their form while also moving when she moves. In addition, a crotch liner for moisture absorption is another key characteristic that often gets overlooked when you search for a quality leo, and when designed properly, can be the difference between a reliable leotard and one that is too transparent in which to train. At Plum, all of our leos provide a 4-way stretch fabric that is very durable and breathable and our quality crotch liners ensure your gymnast can work out confidently.
  2. Fabric longevity: Practice, sweat, rinse, repeat! Leos are meant to withstand all of the tough workouts that your gymnast endures which includes your leotard getting washed regularly. Be sure to select a leo made with durable fabric that can handle a tumble on the mat and in the washing machine! Hang drying is recommended to extend the life of your leotard.

3. Style

Your gymnast should feel 100% confident in whatever they practice or compete in. That is why the style of their leo is so important when it comes to personal expression. Luckily, there are tons of beautifully designed, colorful leos to match your child’s mood. Plum’s leotards come in a variety of signature designs including, traditional cut, Flip Sides, mesh cut-outs, cross backs, and racerbacks– all in fun patterns and styles. Plum has many colorful and trending leos that we’re sure your kids will love– note that many of our practicewear collections are limited-edition; once they are gone, they become vintage!

4. Culture

For many young gymnasts, their sport has created a community beyond what they initially imagined. As such, it is important when choosing your leo to support the brands that foster the same community and positivity that made your child fall in love with gymnastics. For example, Plum established a Plum Cares line, where each year certain garments are designated as fundraisers for philanthropic causes and scholarships. Each year, Plum hosts the Plum Cares Academic Scholarship (PCAS) which is an academic scholarship for graduating high school seniors to give back to the gymnastics community and help #PlumGirls achieve their dreams in and out of the gym.  

5. Responsiveness

When selecting a leo be sure to check out the brands’ return policies. Especially when ordering online, you want to have enough time for your child to try the leo in different sizes and send back any garments that don’t fit. Additionally, in a time when personal connection matters more than ever, it is important to support the companies that value the customer first. Strong customer service says a lot about a brand and can be very telling of how they value the customer. 

Now that you know what to look for in a leotard, it’s time to find the perfect garment for your gymnast! We hope our five tips for selecting the perfect gymnastics leotard for your child were helpful. Don’t forget: comfort, quality, style, culture, and responsiveness are the most important. 

At Plum, we design limited-edition leotards that prioritize comfort, quality, and affordability. We believe all gymnasts should feel good in their leotard so they can train hard and  #PracticePerfect. 

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