Plum Announces the 6th Annual "Plum Positivity Leo" Contest

In the world of gymnastics, the leotard is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a symbol of dedication, strength, and artistic expression. For Plum, a leading brand in gymnastics apparel, the leotard represents not only performance but also an opportunity for self-expression. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the 6th Annual "Plum Positivity Leo" contest, featuring an inspiring new theme: "UNSTOPPABLE!." This creative competition continues to be a vibrant celebration of artistic expression, positivity, and the remarkable diversity in the gymnastics community. 

The "Plum Positivity Leo" Contest: A Canvas of Creativity

The "Plum Positivity Leo" contest is an annual talent showcase that welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to unleash their creativity by crafting new stunning leotard designs. It goes beyond mere fashion; it's an opportunity for participants to tell compelling stories, convey meaningful messages, and express themselves through design.

2023 Theme: "UNSTOPPABLE!"

This year, we're introducing the theme, "UNSTOPPABLE!," designed to inspire participants to capture the essence of what makes gymnasts truly exceptional. The theme encompasses the unyielding passion, determination, and resilience that define gymnasts, showcasing their physical prowess, mental fortitude, unwavering dedication, and the pure joy they experience while practicing and performing gymnastics.

John Mytschenko, Vice President of Product Development at Plum, underscores the contest as a platform that beautifully showcases the extraordinary diversity of ideas and perspectives within the gymnastics community. He emphasizes how this diversity fuels creativity and innovation, enriching the collective experience of all involved.

Mytschenko shares, "The 'Plum Positivity Leo' contest is a testament to the remarkable diversity within our community. It's heartwarming to witness the array of designs that participants from all over the world bring to life. Each entry represents a unique viewpoint on positivity and resilience and is truly inspiring. We are constantly in awe of the talents and stories that gymnast-designers share through their creations. It exemplifies how art and fashion can connect people, transcending boundaries and spreading positivity." 

A History of Empowerment

Plum introduced the "Empower" leotard in Summer 2017, marking the beginning of our ongoing empowerment campaign. This campaign has played a pivotal role in strengthening and expanding our Plum family by focusing on our core values of empowerment and positivity within the gymnastics community and beyond.

Promoting Positivity: Nurturing Champions Inside and Out

Our commitment to empowerment and positivity goes beyond contests and leotards. Through our Promote Positivity campaign, we aim to inspire and empower gymnasts to foster positivity within their sport and beyond. We firmly believe that gymnastics is not just about physical skills; it's about building mental strength, fostering teamwork, and developing resilience. We aspire to shape our community to make a positive impact on the world.

Making a Tangible Impact

Beyond showcasing incredible talent, the "Plum Positivity Leo" design contest creates a lasting impact. The winning design will be transformed into a limited-edition leotard, produced and sold by Plum. Notably, a portion of the proceeds from the leotard sales will be dedicated to supporting a charitable cause selected by the winning designer. This philanthropic aspect underscores Plum's commitment to making a positive difference in the world and supporting and uplifting our community.

Furthermore, the contest is a platform for aspiring designers and athletes to explore their creativity and connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for gymnastics. It fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment, enabling individuals to discover their unique voice through design. 

A Call to Parents and Coaches

We invite parents and coaches to inspire and support their young gymnasts to participate in the 6th Annual "Plum Positivity Leo" design contest. It's a fantastic opportunity for budding artists and athletes to showcase their creativity and celebrate the unstoppable spirit of gymnastics. Let's empower the next generation of gymnasts to embrace this exciting challenge and make their mark in the world of art and athleticism.

For contest details, application and design templates visit the Plum website.

The 6th Annual "Plum Positivity Leo" contest, with its new theme, "UNSTOPPABLE!," celebrates the boundless potential of creativity and diversity. Plum takes immense pride in leading this artistic journey, honoring, and nurturing the dreams of those who dare to express themselves through design. We invite everyone to celebrate this event, where art and fashion unite to bring joy, positivity, and a profound sense of belonging to all.