Tumbling Into the New Year

At Plum, our passion for gymnastics is deeply entwined with a commitment to make a positive impact in both our local community and the global stage. As we tumble into the new year, it's an ideal moment to look back and celebrate the strides made in 2023.

In 2023, Plum was all about returning to our roots and embracing our core values by highlighting the authentic experiences and stories of our Plum Girls. This idea was brought to life through engaging social media campaigns like 'All About You,' 'Plum Girl of the Month,' and “Coaches Corner,” which spotlight the Plum community members' real-life stories, achievements, and personal journeys.

The Plum Cares Program is vital to our identity, combining our passion for gymnastics with a strong dedication to philanthropy and community involvement.

The Plum Cares Collection:

At the heart of the Plum Cares Program is the Plum Cares Collection. It's not just about high-end gymnastic wear; it represents our commitment to making a difference. Every purchase from this collection helps support various charities, getting our customers involved in our philanthropic efforts.

Plum Cares Academic Scholarship:

As we reflect on the remarkable milestones of 2023 and set our sights on the promise of 2024, it's important to highlight one of Plum's most cherished initiatives: the Plum Cares Academic Scholarship (PCAS). We understand that gymnastics demands a lot of dedication, often leaving little time for other activities. PCAS ensures that gymnasts without athletic scholarships have the same opportunities for academic advancement as their peers.

We were especially heartened by the enthusiasm and talent evident in the record number of applicants for the Plum Cares Academic Scholarship. It's a true testament to the ambition and dedication of our gymnastics community. We were thrilled to award this year's scholarship to an outstanding recipient, Sophie Vonderlage, who is pursuing a nursing degree at the University of Kentucky.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to expand PCAS, thanks to the continued support of our Plum Cares Collection. Your purchases not only celebrate gymnastics but also support our community's academic pursuits.Together, let's continue to flip toward a future where education and athletics go hand in hand, supporting our gymnasts both on the mat and as they embark on their academic journeys. 

Plum Positivity Leo Design Contest:

A standout initiative is the Plum Positivity Leo Design Contest. This contest bridges style with philanthropy, inviting budding designers to contribute their visions for a limited-edition leotard. The response for 2023 was overwhelming, with entries showcasing incredible creativity and a shared desire to drive positive change. The winning design by Della Cunningham, a 13-year-old gymnast from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, will be produced in 2024, with a portion of sales going to Della's chosen charity, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Plum Cares Gifted Invitational:

Another notable achievement was the inaugural Plum Cares Gifted Invitational. This event brought together the gymnastics community in an extraordinary display of talent and generosity.

Participating gyms were tasked to raise funds for a charitable organization of their choice, and boy, did they come through!  They raised $2,114.13 for Robin's FundThe Breast Cancer FoundationThe Tears FoundationLive Life Like Lois FoundationFolds of HonorSpoil Me PinkChildren's Hospital, and American Friends of Magen David Adom. Plum was honored to match all contributions, doubling the impact of our community’s philanthropy. It is a testament to our shared dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Together, we can create lasting and positive change in our communities, and your support exemplifies the power of collective action.

In addition to Plum driven initiatives, we have partnered again with Jersey Optional Gymnastics Association (JOGA) to provide a $1000 academic scholarship. JOGA and Plum share a common vision of fostering positivity and empowering young gymnasts to cultivate confidence both inside and outside the gym.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

In 2024, we aim to take the Plum Cares Program to new heights. We plan to expand the Plum Cares Gifted Invitational, introduce new philanthropic options, and increase participation. The Plum Positivity Leo Design Contest will continue, involving even more designers and creating a broader platform for charitable contributions through fashion.

The journey of Plum in 2023 has shown the power of blending sports, art, and social responsibility in innovative ways. As we enter 2024, we are inspired by the past year's successes and motivated to broaden our horizons. Our mission remains to excel in providing quality gymnastics apparel while being a beacon of positive change, uniting people through gymnastics, creativity, and philanthropy.